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TRAMUNTANA FLOW is a place of peace, inspiration and growth that brings together the best yoga facilities and beautiful accommodations. This peaceful environment helps to restore the mind-body-soul balance through yoga, meditation and nutrition. Tramuntana Flow is available for groups pursuing a healthier and more mindful life, ideal for workshops, retreats and reunions.

TRAMUNTANA FLOW is also committed to raising awareness for projects on education, children, women, nature and animals. Our pledge: act locally, think globally. We believe in the power of each individual to be the change that you wish to see in the world. Yoga teachers, chefs and other professionals donate their time and expertise to raise financial support for local and global projects.

TRAMUNTANA FLOW owes its name to the magnificent mountain range in Mallorca, the spectacular views of which can be contemplated from the entire property, which has several outbuildings on an 8000 m² parcel of land. The front garden invites you into the peacefulness of LA CASA DE LA CALMA.

www.tramuntanaflow.com – Camí de n’Olesa 63 | 07141 Sa Cabaneta | Mallorca | Spain | info@tramuntanaflow.com


Mama Carmen’s

Great little coffe shop with food in the “Nueva Santa Catalina”.

Great coffee, great food. Simple but organic and with amazing spices and interesting flavours. Excellent service!

Carrer de Cervantes 21 Bajos
Palma de Mallorca (Santa catalina) 07013

Horas – Open
Lunes a viernes (monday – friday): 9:00 a 19:00
Sábado y domingo (saturday & sunday): 09:30 a 15:30



Glynis German Celebrant

Something in the human psyche obliges us as humans to mark waypoints in our lives with some kind of formal ritual. From time immemorial from the passing of seasons or sanctification of agriculture to much more personal events of birth, death and marriage or its cultural equivalent has been accompanied by celebration and ritual.

Rites such as these are evident in all human societies. Some developed into broader and formal religions, but with the emergence of the celebrant’s movement in Australia in the mid 1970s nowadays individual celebrants fill a valuable role and perform these rites and are found all over the world.

Glynis German is proud to have discovered her purpose in life and is an independent celebrant based in Mallorca. She offers personalised ceremonies to mark rites of passage such as weddings, baby blessings and namings as well as a celebration of life ceremony for when our loved ones die.

Each ceremony is crafted by Glynis after she has met you and your family to tailor the experience to the participants. On the day of the ceremony, Glynis promises that the magic will be memorable and unforgettable and uniquely yours!


Glynis German
phone (+34) 666 987 430


Es Pontet y El Secreto del Grano es la fusión de un proyecto común y complementario:

Somos productores Locales, regeneramos el suelo, recuperamos semillas de variedades autóctonas, duplicamos viejo trigos del Mediterráneo (que no crean intolerancia al Gluten…) para guardar la cultura viva y transmitirla.

Hacemos degustaciones, desayunos y comidas (con reserva previa) con nuestras producciones.

Organizamos eventos, conferencias, talleres, catering en la finca o al exterior con un horno de leña móvil para celebraciones a domicilio.

Ofrecemos el espacio para cursos, charlas i distintas actividades.


Find Balance Yoga is the platform of David Lurey to share his purpose of opening consciousness and vitality in the world.  He leads Yoga trainings, retreats and workshops that aim to re-establish the connection between the body, emotion, intellect and spirit.  He is also a musician who brings heart and soul with devotional musical events.

David is a founding member of the Green Yoga Association whose work aims to bring reverence to nature and planet through various Yoga practices which you can experience at any of his events.  Find course details, songs and inspiration at



Urban Drivestyle Mallorca

Urban Drivestyle offers the greatest selection of urban bikes, e-bikes, scooters and electric vehicles in both our concept stores, Drivestations and through our online Webshop.

Urban Drivestyle has considerable know-how in all areas of micro electric vehicle design and customisation. From modifications and tuning all the way to our own product line and e-bikes.

We are able to provide, brand and support small to large rental fleets, organise operations and software catered to your urban transportation requirements for your business!

Calle Sant Francesc 11
07001 Palma de Mallorca
phone: 0034 871 032 144

Testrides, rentals and tours!


Earth Yoga was founded in the fall of 2009 by passionate yogis who wanted to create a space to practice yoga, however, it was also as important to open a place of community in which anyone could connect inward.

Earth Yoga has grown into a vibrant place where people from all walks of life come not only to practice yoga but also meet with like minded souls. We are proud of all of our teachers both Mallorcan based and international. Each brings inspiration, a unique way of teaching, with a focus on alignment and teaching yoga from the heart.

Earth Yoga continues to grow and expand, so we ensure that we ourselves, as teachers and guides, continue to develop on the path of yoga. We travel both near and far to seek more knowledge, better ways of teaching and uplifting inspiration. In 2013 we announced our second studio in collaboration with Sporting Fitness.

Earth Yoga Portals is located within the Sporting Tennis Club Complex in the exclusive area of Portals and just a few metres from the sea. We offer daily Yoga classes, workshops, and inspiring events. We hope to share our love of Yoga with you soon.

Carrer Despuig 34, 07013 Palma de Mallorca (Santa Catalina)
Tel. +34 971 91 88 40


Lucky Bodies & Happy Souls was in a way started more than 10 years ago but for a number of reasons we didn’t get off of the sofa and together into this beautiful place where we now reside until the Summer 2014. One place – many orientations. Different professions – the same goal.

To work in and welcome you to a place where we and you feel at home. Where you can rely on the clinicians and teachers.

A place where health is a matter of balance and not dogmas. Where movement and exercise means well-being, joy and fun. A place where not just the body but heart and soul has space and can grow. A creative place to cultivate life to the standards chosen by each individual. A place for lucky bodies & happy souls! Connected through the idea that all is connected. Your humble servants, Patric, Petró & Sarah.

Carrer de Caro, 56, 07015 Palma de Mallorca (Santa Catalina)
Tel. +34 629 01 92 49


AwakeN Mallorca

Be the change you want to see!

Sea el cambio que quieres ver!

Conscious living for a healthy body and a healthy planet!
For alternative healing methods, practitioners & holistic centers.

¡Vivir consciente para un cuerpo y un planeta sano!
Alternativas a los médicos convencionales y centros holísticos.

Mallorca wide events for all things eco & FUN!
Eventos en Mallorca para todo lo ecológico y DIVERTIDO !

Have fun with us and check our EVENTS CALENDAR!
Diviértase con nosotros y consulte nuestro CALENDARIO DE EVENTOS!




Organic and macrobiotic food
Lease your own organic mini orchard
Childrens activities
Birthday parties
Home delivery
Cooking work shops

Camí de La Real, nº 5
07010 Palma De Mallorca, Spain
phone: 971 25 41 95



Yerbabuena – En 1991 abrimos las puertas con el sueño de contribuir a una vida más sana en Palma de Mallorca. Éramos y creíamos en nuestro sueño de una calidad de vida acorde con la Naturaleza, respetuosa con el propio cuerpo y sostenible con el entorno. Con más ilusión que medios iniciamos la aventura en un local pequeño de una calle de poco tránsito. Entrega, pasión, trabajo y la ayuda de muchos amigos nos han hecho crecer hasta llegar a ser el espacio más grande de Baleares dedicado a la alimentación biológica, la medicina naturista y en definitiva, una forma de vida saludable. Visítanos en nuestro establecimiento y conoce en lo que nos hemos convertido gracias a nuestros clientes principalmente.

Calle Jeroni Antich nº 7 (Junto a Plaza los Patines) | 07003 – Palma de Mallorca
Teléfono: 971 716 804
Email:  info@yerbabuena.com.es


En Mallorca, buena parte de los cítricos se convierten en residuo, para la selección de los supermercados, la estacionalidad o la falta de una cadena de valor … A Pep Lemon aprovechamos estos cítricos para producir refrescos naturales, locales y con compromiso social. Una idea tan sencilla que llega a ser sofisticada! Pep Lemon es un proyecto colaborativo. Todos los que participan son importantes. Hacen que funcionen las cosas y por lo tanto, aparecen en la etiqueta. Cada Pep es una aventura, porque los cítricos varían según la finca o la época del año. La pulpa también varía, pero en definitiva, demuestra que la bebida es natural! 100% Mallorca y con un sabor auténtico y genuino que se diferencia de las marcas estandarizadas y multinacionales. Pep Lemon es más que un refresco.

Pep Lemon. El futuro es local!


C/ Sant Feliu 17, local 15 – 07012 Palma
T +34 971 291 136
M +34 646 203 815


Dignity360 is a project of emotional reception of refugees in Europe through activities that will develop refugees in camps. If you are willing to propose activities or actions to be developed in the fields, you will be part of the teams that will shape the project.

Dignity360 es un proyecto de acogida emocional de los refugiados en Europa, a través de actividades que desarrollarán las personas refugiadas en los campos. Si estás dispuesto a proponer actividades o acciones para que se desarrollen en los campos, formarás parte de los equipos que darán forma al proyecto.



KreaKolektiva was born of this idea, to bring creative people together with it’s 12 x 5 events, where 12 Creative Activists tell their stories in 5 minutes. This action inspires both the Creative Activists to carry on as well as inspiring the others on a path of their own.

In 2016 we added the idea of consciousness, through a new event 8 x 8 Practical Philosophy, where 8 Practical Philosophers talk for 8 minutes about their aspect of philosophy whatever it may be (Vitality, Alchemy, Ethics; Body; Food; Ecstasy) in a very practical way. In May 2016 the KreaKolektiva became a non-profit association & continued promoting a life of Kreative, Konscious Action by supporting & connecting musicians, actors, writers, dancers, artisans, designers, builders, cooks and all acts of creation.

For more information and contact:



Som Energia es una cooperativa de consumo de energía verde sin ánimo de lucro. Nuestras principales actividades son la comercialización y producción de energía de origen renovable. Estamos comprometidos a impulsar un cambio del modelo energético actual para conseguir un modelo 100% renovable.

¿POR QUÉ SOMOS? Porque el modelo energético actual basado en combustibles fósiles es insostenible. Som Energia es una comercializadora independiente y comprometida a impulsar un modelo 100% renovable. La cooperativa está al servicio de los socios y las socias de manera eficiente, transparente y responsable.



Amics de la Terra Balears fue fundada en 1989. El grupo de Mallorca, activo desde 1994, coordina sus actividades con el grupo de Ibiza.

Amics de la Terra Mallorca es una asociación ecologista de ámbito insular que pertenece a Amigos de la Tierra España que, a su vez, es representante en nuestro país de Amigos de la Tierra Internacional (Friends of the Earth International – FoEI), una de las más importantes federaciones ecologistas del mundo. Fundada hace más de 30 años, tiene grupos en más de 70 países por todo el globo, mediante los cuales lleva a cabo campañas para conservar el medio ambiente y para conseguir un mundo más igualitario y más justo. Actualmente Amics de la Terra Mallorca tiene una sede en Palma donde los/las técnicos/as y voluntarios/as desarrollan y coordinan las diversas campañas y actuaciones que llevamos a cabo por toda la Isla.

Para más información sobre FoEI ver:
Para más información sobre Amigos de la Tierra España ver: www.tierra.org
Tel. +34 971 757 939


Permacultura Mediterranea
es una asociación sin ànimo de lucro que promueve el sistema de diseño consciente de asentamientos humanos que ofrece la Permacultura. Nuestra misión:

1. Educar e investigar en Permacultura, sus éticas y principios

2. Facilitar la comprensión de métodos regenerativos a través de lugares demostrativos de Permacultura

3. Potenciar la creatividad y desarrollo personal y colectivo a través de la  Educación, Investigación, Crecimiento Personal y Celebración en un contexto de respeto por todo aquello que nos rodea

4. Dar herramientas a la sociedad para acercarnos a una visión más holística, 5. Fomentar la conciencia e implementación de estilos de vida en comunidades resilientes basadas en los principios de la ecología profunda

6. Divulgar la Ecoalfabetización o alfabetización ecológica

Correo Electrónico: info@permamed.org
Tel. 666333335 / 971602082