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Meet The Mayor / Trobada de barri

On Monday January 29th what was initially planned as a small informal neighbourhood meeting in our favourite wine cellar turned into an extraordinary meeting between the foreign resident community and the Mayor of Palma Antoni Noguera, Director of EMAYA Neus Truyol and Director General for Energy and Climate Change Joan Groizard. The meeting was organised by Christer thru EnConCiencia and Uta M. Gritschke from Bodega Santa Clara (formerly Sa Sifoneria d’es casc antic).

Main themes were Energy, (Local) Economy, Urbanism, Recycling (Plastics), Transportation (bicycle lanes, electric cars), urban farming, and others.

The outcome was all around very positive showing once again the value of real-time and personal dialogue, getting to know each other and the short, medium and long-term goals of the local government received tremendous support and engagement from all those present.

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